Thursday, 5 July 2007

There's Something About Collins

Exciting day today. Mike Collins, whom a few of us first met at the Glammies recently, came in to talk to us about storyboarding. Although Mike started out doing comics about 20 years ago (which he still does really), and actually has a BSc in politics and history, he managed to get into storyboards some time ago because he "though they were a bit like comics". In fact he's done storyboards for short films like Scratching and On The Beach (which was nominated for a BAFTA apparently), and at the moment does storyboards for Hana's helpline over at Calon. He brought plenty of material for us to pore over as well; big-ass storyboards from Hana's Helpline; folders of pages from various comics he's worked on (including Doctor Who, Judge Dredd and Rogue Trooper to name but a few); a bunch of colour illustrations; and a (highly groovy) sketchbook. He talked a lot about working as a storyboard artist, the pros and cons, how he'd like to storyboard for films... but mainly we talked about comcis and the famopus people he knew! He might be coming back soon when we start doing storyboards for our projects.
And later on, we'll be going to see Shrek 3. Yay! I think. It looks pants.

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