Monday, 2 July 2007

Man of Steele

So, today we were visited by Bruce Steele, formerly of Glassworks . The man's a fountain of knowledge when it comes to compositing CG effects and lens sizes - it's actually rather frightening. He showed us a bunch of commercials and stuff done by glassworks (including the Stella Artois pilot one and that weird Sunsilk Monsters thing), which featured "making of" segments for each one. It was pretty informative stuff, and quite daunting. According to Bruce Steele, the way to get into the industry and get ahead is to have, well, balls of steel. He and I were definitely in agreement about one thing though: the CG effects for the Spider-Man stunts in the films were, well... rather poor.

Later on we met a few more important people involved with Cyfle: Delyth from S4C; Iona Williams, Chief Cyfle Executive; Nadine Roberts, the Cardiff office manager of New Entrants; and Gwawr Hughes, Marketing and business development. All in all, it's been pretty intensive with the meeting people today. And now, I must settle down to do some serious research on Diana Walczak for a presentation on friday. It's alright though, because we get to use Zoho Show - a kind of basic online version of Powerpoint - to create these presentations. I just wish it wasn't so flipping hot in this office....

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