Wednesday, 4 July 2007


Day of awesomeage! Joanna Quinn and Les Mills of Beryl Productions came round for a small chatette today, and brought a DVD of Good Stuff and a portfolio of drawings and stills from films and commercials they've done in the past. And what a selection of work! I mean, I've seen some of her drawings before, but this time Joanna had a bunch of painted cels from Girls Night Out, the Whiskas adverts, and stuff like that. The only time I've had anything to do with painting cels was in high school when I inked and painted a bunch of drawings on acetate for my A-Levels... and I hated it. But seeing all this work kinda made me want to trash my computer (metaphorically of course) and go old school again, with pencils and inks and paint and pain, because at Beryl they still hand draw and colour all their animation. It's nice to know that as all media trundles inescapably towards digitisation, someone is sticking their fingers up to the computers and wacoms and scribbling all over their monitors (okay, so they still use computers to composite and edit all the stuff, but that just means they have more time to draw stuff). Oh yeah!!

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