Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Back From Bangkok

Wow. What a month. The whole Bangkok trip was an amazing experience. The food... the sights... the people... everything was brilliant! Well, not everything - the weather was blisteringly hot, but the air conditioning inside nearly every building and taxi made up for it!

Have a look at this video of a tuktuk ride - these things are fun, if a little dangerous...

Ride on a Tuk Tuk from wesleyriot on Vimeo.

The Imagimax studio was awesome, and the stadd were all great to us. They even provided us with lunch, which kind of softened the blow of working from 10am till 7pm! We learned a bunch of stuff, software wise, as well; personally I managed to sharpen my Maya skills a little, as well as learning the ways of the vector mask in Photoshop.

What else can I say? The shopping was good. The cinemas were good. The temples were good. The bars? Oh yes, they were good. Oh yeah, and the Oakwood residence, at which Cyfle were kind enough to house us for the month, was wonderful, and made the trip that much more comfortable.

I might as well point out that this trip was the first time I had ever flown, an experience dulled only by the fact that the airport lost my luggage on the way over, and then mutilated my suitcase on the way back. Cardiff Airport and KLM airlines - a losing combination.

Whilst out there, I recorded some of my experiences on Tumblr, as well as uploading a vast amount of photos to Flickr. We also managed to complete two podcasts on the trip, which can be seen on the Cyfle page on Youtube.

Despite all this, it's good to get back to Wales!

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