Wednesday, 7 November 2007


And so into the next project - ToonBoom. This is more like it. ToonBoom is software designed to do 2D animation digitally. From what I've seen so far, it's a lot like Flash, but with more animation specific functions and features.

To start off, Ben from Dinamo came in and showed us around the features, and gave us all a week-long brief: this involves animating a scene from a short synopsis, about a junkyard owner who builds a rocket-simulator so that come children can pretend to go into outer space. A week isn't a long time, but then again the scene won't be very long. After playing around with ToonBoom and learning the basics, it seems similar enough to Flash that it shouldn't pose too many problems.

I just can't decide whether to do a cut-out-ish style for the clean up or do it straightforward hand-drawn.....

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