Monday, 12 May 2008


What am I up to now then?

Well, the big furniture shuffle is done, and due to the unfairly hot weather, the place is full of electric fans (no complaints from me there). At the moment they're workin on this thing for S4C, and rather than animating for the last week or two I've been building props in Illustrator (including cows and rugby balls) - which is good on the one hand, because I've been getting to understand Illustrator a bit more, but it's also bad, because I hate Illustrator.

If you're wondering what that brown bit on the front of my PC is, that's power button guard. The computer I'm using has it's power button right on the front corner of the machine, and I was warned that even the slightest bump with my knee would be enough to switch it off. so after I moved rooms, Ben created this wonderful button guard using only cardboard and scothc tape. Hurah! Office supplies to the rescue.

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