Friday, 21 September 2007

Maya Brief: Completed

Yup, believe it or not this took three weeks! Not inlcuding the week we spent cramming Maya information into our brains. Basically there's my little ole granny iMac whinging at the Razr phone. The weird flickering light there is meant to be the TV in question, but I guess that didn't turn out quite right. As for the composition, when I was actually using Maya, everything was in shot; when it was rendered, the top of the computer got cut off a bit. I suppose that's because Maya sucks (it really does).


dom said...

I suppose that's because Maya sucks (it really does).

Yup, after 7 years of using it i wouldn't disagree. Did you have someone teach you the basics and if so how long did you have to learn and produce the clip?

All the Maya projects could have been lit properly in only a minute or so. Oh well, its easy to say that when you know how i suppose.

Ash Collins said...

well dom, assuming that you read this, we were taught maya in a week, and then given a three week brief. The gentleman who taught us Maya, matt Leonard, was on hand for the three weeks to help us, so it wasnt as drastic as it sounds!

Anonymous said...

Maya does suck. I've used it for 3 years because I have no choice, my employer refuses to use the industry-standard tools that the rest of the broadcast industry uses such as Cinema 4D so I'm saddled with friggen Maya for 3-second TV show open animations. Buggy, glitchy, constantly quitting, this program should be freeware because it's ridiculous garbage.

Anonymous said...

Whoever's informing you the broadcast industry standard is Cinema 4D is operating differently to the rest of the UK and the World. Be wary of who you are getting your advice from.